"The whole earth is a living icon of the face of God".

St. John of Damascus

Sundays, 9:30am at the Inner Sky Hermitage, FST companions gather for rotating study, simple living projects, contemplation, and community action.

  • Franciscan Study involves the use of Franciscan speakers, books and films for expanded knowledge and insight around the eight Franciscan values of, 1) Care for Creation, 2) Dignity of the Human Person, 3) Consistent Ethic of Life, 4) Respect for the Poor and Vulnerable, 5) Peace and Reconciliation, 6) Justice in Relationships, 7) Ongoing Conversion, and 8) Being Agents of Change.

  • Lifestyle Commons involves group discernment and exploration into ways we can intentionally organize our lives in simple, practical ways to better live out our Gospel values on a daily basis.  Sessions will involve hands-on skills for living simply and reducing excess in our consumer culture.   Lifestyle Commons may involve guest teachers and field trips.

  • Nature Contemplation fosters deep relational connection with God and the natural world around meditative themes of Noticing, Appreciation, Wonder, Thanksgiving, Mortality, Reverence, Hospitality, Humility, Silence, Love, Beauty, Pain, Revelation, Hope and more. 

  • Care for Creation at Inner Sky is focused on Care for Creation through our bees and trees action projects.   These two focus areas include creating networks of gardens and habitats to help save pollinators in the local community and seeking and gleaning fruit from abandoned trees in our area to help share the abundance to those who hunger.

*Weekly sessions open with a brief 15 minute yoga prayer practice around the         Beatitudes and the Canticle of the Creatures.

Honoring the Franciscan tradition of contemplation, FST companions may participate in seasonal silent weekend retreats following St. Francis' Rule for Hermitages at the Inner Sky Hermitage.  Directed by David and Tamara Milliken. 

An annual weeklong Franciscan pilgrimage is held each fall on California's El Camino Real for renewal and reconciliation.   



PNW Franciscan Solidarity Table (Beginning August 2019)

A Pacific Northwest Franciscan Solidarity Table