Sundays, 9:30am at the Inner Sky Hermitage, companions gather for rotating nature contemplation, community action, yoga and study.

  • Nature Contemplation practices center around themes of Noticing, Appreciation, Wonder, Thanksgiving, Mortality, Reverence, Hospitality, Humility, Silence, Love, Beauty, Pain, Revelation, Hope and more.

  • Community Action varies from preparing and delivering food to those in need in the immediate community to environmental cleanup efforts.

  • Yoga is body prayer practiced with Franciscan themes including the Canticle of Creation and the Beatitudes. 

  • Study involves the use of Franciscan books and films for expanded knowledge. 

Honoring the Franciscan tradition of interfaith dialogue and understanding, retreats are held at Christian, Buddhist and Hindu monastic sites throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Retreat themes center on mindfulness, compassion, playfulness and hope.  Personal retreats at the Inner Sky Hermitage, following St. Francis' Rule of Hermitages, are available throughout the year for companions.  

A 10-day pilgrimage during the first week of April is available for all companions for renewal and restoration.  The pilgrimage will vary each year from the Camino de Santiago (Spain), the Via Francigena (Italy), the Jesus Trail (Israel), the Kumano Kodo (Japan), and the Pilgrim's Way (England).  Full travel scholarships may be available for companions.



"The whole earth is a living icon of the face of God".

St. John of Damascus

Companions of Inner Sky Hermitage