"If the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning is God, you are a monk!"
-Br. David Steindl-Rast

At Inner Sky we integrate our marriage vows with a monastic rhythm that includes daily prayer, study and work.  As Benedictine Oblates of Shantivanam our Rule of Life is centered around four sacred commitments:  1) Prayer and meditation in the morning and evening, 2) Deepened knowledge through the reading of Holy Scriptures and openness to the spiritual values of other religious and cultural traditions, 3) Work for peace and harmony in the world, and 4) Living a life of detachment.  In this call, we humbly rely on spiritual direction and support.  We are guided by spiritual mentors from the Sky Farm Hermitage in Sonoma, California and theOpen Sky Hermitage in Bend, Oregon.  The Christian hermits from both communities are linked with us through prayer, guidance and deep friendship.


At Inner Sky, study of contemporary spirituality, depth psychology and relationships are combined with contemplative practices that include prayer, meditation, yoga and labyrinth walks.   Currently our social action is focused on building and repairing relationships with children in need of healing and connection at a local children's home in Spokane.

The Inner Sky Hermitage has three private hermitages, a prayer room, yoga deck, vegetable & native plant garden, labyrinth, handicraft studio, and community table.  We grow our own food and craft for our needs to promote simple and sustainable living.



by Fr. Bede Griffiths, OSB

A monastery should be above all things a place of prayer, a place where people can come to realize, to discover the inner depth of their own being.  For this purpose there must be a certain measure of silence and solitude, in which each can find the freedom to discover himself.  But, at the same time, it seems to me, a monastery today should be open to the world.  The emphasis should not be on enclosure, on keeping the world away, but on becoming a center, a place where people of all sorts can come for a short or long stay according to their needs... The charismatic and prophetic character of the monk will mean that there will be much greater freedom in their life.  One may wish to lead a solitary life, or to go on pilgrimage from place to place.  This will mean that the Christian monk will be much more like the Hindu sannyasi.  They may be called to travel, to give lectures or conferences, to undertake some social work, but equally may be called to the life of absolute solitude in the Himalayas or to a period of prolonged fasting or asceticism.  They must never be tied to any institution but have the freedom to follow the call of the Spirit... This may well mean that communities will become much smaller, consisting of two or three monks.  On the other hand, it may well be that there will be a need for some larger monasteries, of a more traditional type, which can act as coordinating centers for the smaller groups or ashrams.

The One Light: Bede Griffiths' Principal Writings (2001)


       6:30am- Yoga

       7:00am- Morning Prayer

       8:00am- Sacred Study

       10:00-7:00pm- Social Work

           ( *Noon- Peace Prayer)

       7:00pm- Evening Prayer

* THURSDAY EVE TO FRIDAY EVE is in Silence and Solitude.