​           6:00am- Nature Walk

       7:00am- Yoga

       8:00am- Scripture Study

       10:00-7:00pm- Social work

        7:00pm- Evening Prayer

   *Thursday evening to Friday  

    evening is in silence following 

    St. Francis' Rule of Hermitages.


Inner Sky residents follow a spiritual path informed by the Christian alternative orthodoxy within the Franciscan tradition and complimented by yoga.   At its core, the alternative orthodoxy is an “orthopraxy” believing that lifestyle and practice are much more important than mere verbal orthodoxy. Life is more important than doctrine.  Our practice is based on a belief that there is deep Goodness at the core of all things, and our intentional attunement is necessary to bring it into full awareness and expression.

At Inner Sky, the study of sacred texts is combined with contemplative practices that include yoga, nature contemplation and labyrinth walks.   Currently our social action is focused on building and repairing relationships with children and families in need of healing and connection at a local children's home in Spokane, Washington.

At Inner Sky we integrate our active, suburban lives with a monastic rhythm that includes daily prayer, study and sacred work.  Our life is centered around three sacred commitments to, 1) seek first the Divine Presence in all things, 2) let go of our attachments to identities, possessions, and outcomes, and, 3) love all without condition.  In this call, we humbly rely on spiritual direction and support.  We are guided by spiritual mentors from the Sky Farm Hermitage in Sonoma, California and theOpen Sky Hermitage in Bend, Oregon.  The Christian hermits from both communities are linked with us through prayer, guidance and friendship.


The Inner Sky Hermitage has three small private hermitages, a prayer room, yoga deck, vegetable & native plant garden, labyrinth, roasting studio, and community table.  We grow our own food and craft for our needs to promote simple and sustainable living.