A new monastic residence designed to answer the universal call towards deeper living.


The Inner Sky Hermitage is made up of three small private prayer hermitages, a community prayer room, yoga deck, vegetable & native plant garden, labyrinth, coffee roasting studio, library, and community table.  We follow St. Francis' Rule for Hermitages  on select days throughout the month.  We live this lifestyle in solidarity with our dear friends at Open Sky Hermitage in Bend, Oregon and Sky Farm in Sonoma, California.

 Franciscan Hermitage

​​​​​​​INNER SKY 


The Inner Sky Hermitage is the home of Franciscan tertiaries in the Society of St. Francis (Episcopalian).  The home is modeled after the early Franciscan hermitages in Europe started by St. Francis of Assisi in the 13th century.  These humble sites were formed to allow Franciscans, following the Gospel call to serve those suffering on the margins, an opportunity to renew and deepen their love and relationship with God and all of creation.

The Inner Sky Hermitage is not a church or retreat center, but a "new monastic" residence designed for simple, contemplative living.  Opportunities to join us for our weekly, seasonal and annual gatherings are presented in our CREATION CARE GATHERINGS link.  

 Before You Speak of Peace, You Must first have it in your heart -St. Francis