Before You Speak of Peace, You Must first have it in your heart 

-St. Francis


The Inner Sky Hermitage is made up of three small private hermitages, a contemplation chapel, yoga room & deck, native plant garden, labyrinth, and library.  We follow a modified  St. Francis' Rule for Hermitages and commit to living out the three aims of seeking first, letting go and loving all.  We live this lifestyle in solidarity with our dear friends at Open Sky Hermitage in Bend, Oregon and Sky Farm in Sonoma, California.

A new monastic residence designed to answer the universal call towards deeper living.


​​​​​​​INNER SKY 

The Inner Sky Hermitage is a new monastic residence based on three foundational spiritual practices to seek first, let go, and love all. The hermitage is inspired by Franciscan spirituality and modeled after St. Francis's 13th century hermitage rule and structure. Residents and guests engage in a life of simplicity, solidarity, and solitude.

The Inner Sky Hermitage is not a church, but a gathering place for contemplative living and learning for both religious and non-religious residents and guests.  Opportunities to join us for our weekly, seasonal and annual events are presented in our GATHERINGS link.