A Pacific Northwest Franciscan Solidarity Table


The Inner Sky Hermitage is an ecumenical Pacific Northwest Franciscan Solidarity Table affiliated with the Franciscan Action Network.   Rooted in the spiritual tradition of St. Francis and St. Clare, the Franciscan Solidarity Table is intended to enkindle the Spirit of God within us and to move us toward being a community of love in action.  In justice and support, we are inspired to set tables of peace and friendship, which nourish action in the public square.  As a community of seekers, we are committed to a spiritual practice that embodies five core elements: 1) inclusiveness, 2) gentleness and mercy, 3) a contemplative spirit, 4) a call to justice, and 5) individual formation.  For an overview of Franciscan spirituality, please read an introduction here.

 Before You Speak of Peace, You Must first have it in your heart -St. Francis